Rhino 6 evaluation download

I just downloaded the rhino 6 evaluation. the file seems to crash at beginning of run. wont go past clicking the agreement box.

Do you happen to have a machine with a (possibly integrated) Intel GPU?

Try loading Rhino from the shortcut that says safe mode. If it starts up with that then go to Tools » Options > Plug-ins Search for the RhinoCycles plug-in and click the checkbox after its name to load-protect the plug-in. Then close Rhino and start Rhino from the normal shortcut.

Let me know if that worked or not.

Thank you,


No idea how to find safe mode shortcut. I have a windows 7 intel core i7. :-/

In your start menu check for the Rhino application entries. You should see one for Rhino 6, and one for Rhino 6 (Safe Mode).

For german install it looks like


But the idea is the same for english or other languages.

To load protect:

OH… It wont install. The install crashes seconds after accepting the terms and clicking install.

Oh, you mean the installer crashes? That is something @brian probably wants to know more about.

that is as far as it goes…

Can you please do the following:

  1. Open My Computer
  2. In the address bar, type %TEMP% and press Enter
  3. Find the files with names starting with Rhino_, zip them up, and email them to me at brian@mcneel.com

I’ll look into what’s going wrong with the installation.

@Armando thanks for sending that information. I’m wondering if this is virus scanner related. Can you please disable your virus scanner and see if Rhino can install?

Downloaded!!! Thanks Brian and Nathan