Rhino 6 crashes upon start up

I have been trying to open my rhino 6 so many times today but there is no sign of successful start up. It crashes upon starting up. Even if I tried deleting my paneling tool plug-in in files and reinstalling rhino 6, it happened in the same way. My purchase is the student version/ upgrade- from-old-version one. My ASUS ROG GL502VMK is using the GTX1060 GDDR5 6GB and i7-7700HQ. And my NVDIA driver is up-to-date.

Does Rhino start if you use the Safe Mode version of Rhino from the start menu of Windows? (Note: not the safe-mode of Windows)

Yes, the safe mode of rhino 6 works.

Then please go into Tools > Options > Plug-ins select from the dropbox on the right side Plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino


Load-protect all plug-ins that show up in that list (and please attach a screenshot of the list).

Then close Rhino and try starting Rhino regularly.

Shall I press Yes for all those plug-ins to load?
Then I tried pressing Yes for all of them and chose “plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino”, it appears the list is empty.

Are you sure Rhino is running on the GTX 1060 and not on the built-in Intel GPU?

I don’t think my laptop has the intel GPU since mine is GTX 1060 with G-Sync.

I’m having the same issue - Rhino 6 crashes on startup.

I can’t start in safe mode either. I’m running a GTX1070 (drivers up to date etc).

I have Rhino 5 installed and it runs fine.

Your CPU has a built-in GPU

An Intel HD Graphics 630 to be precise.

Most modern Intel CPUs have one built in.

I think you should be able to create a profile through your NVidia settings that ensure the GTX is used.

My typical Rhino 6 runs fine right now. I am not sure if it’s related but I’m connecting my laptop to an external monitor to extend my displays, and then I plugged it off as I read from:

and tried opening my typical rhino 6 and it works right away without crashing.

Though I still have no idea how I actually fixed it as my laptop truly doesn’t come with iGPU. I think @benperdido you could really take a look with the links from McNeel Wiki, the information about graphic cards might be a little bit outdated but I really find it useful as I know more about the GL and GPU stuff. You may check these links:


Btw thx @nathanletwory for your help!

Nico, I’ve just fixed my crashing by manually uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics drivers.

To double check you can look in the device manager (right-click the Windows start menu, select Device manager) under Display adapters


@benperdido That’s a way too sometimes it’s just a bug with the display adapter or the driver.

Yea I have checked that. Thanks anyways @nathanletwory

Double posting…