Rhino 6 download live

Rhino 6 is now available on https://www.rhino3d.com/download

Please let us know if everything on that page (in all languages) is working correctly.


  • Bob

can I get a license directly from you/mcneel?

Visit: https://www.rhino3d.com/sales

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yes, been there. but first I only realized the links to the resellers. now I found the direct link:

That is us here in Seattle.
See the “Buy online” link?

yep, got it now, thanks
DAMN, it’s 589€ everywhere. had hoped to get the upgrade for 500 :disappointed_relieved:

common, some early adopter rebates?! :star_struck:

$395usd for upgrade direct from McNeel.

I got mine! :wink:

That’s without taxes I assume? Still much less than the Euro price. Where can I get that?

America first… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok, guess I’ll wait for a comparable offer here in Europe

Let’s see -

  1. In the US, I think you can still order all sorts of immaterial stuff online and it’s not taxed.
  2. Pricing is 1€ = 1$ but in the EU you also do have to pay tax on downloaded software (AFAIK)
  3. From the EU… you can’t…

I’m in AU,
Just went to the link above: https://www.rhino3d.com/sales
Clicked order online,
Selected product,
Unlocked Int’l payments on my card & presto!

No tax because I’m outside US… I suppose?

How long will the last WIP/Release Candidate continue working?

So you received your V6 commercial license now by ordering in the US? Hmmm, interesting.

I just don’t get it. But if others can get it for that price, I’m not going to pay more.

I see a promotion price of 395€ (until May, 15th).
That is ordering directly via rhino3d.com/sales/europe

yes, see that too. but when you follow the link this price is not available anymore and there are only rhino5 upgrades for the “old” price.

If you check the list of local retailers you can easily find the version 6 upgrade even for slightly less than the recommended 395€.

I instantly found the German retailer “software box” which sell the upgrade for 449 € VAT included, which makes for roughly 377 € before taxes.

Link softwarebox

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I’m currently in the UK on a visit and I see 395 euros for an upgrade to V6.

Dear Helvetosaur,

How can IBOIS (EPFL) buy license for the lab? (We were using rhino 6 wip till now.)
Shall I come to your office? Or we just dirrectly buy license from mcneel?

Is this this type of license we need?

Kind Regards,