Best Place to Buy Rhino 6?

Probably a good question to ask.

I’m looking at “

Has anyone dealt with them before? They appear to be an authorised reseller.

I am in New Zealand, so will this make any difference?

They have a $200 saving at present and that would be fantastic.


It should. Novedge should not be selling outside the US. If they do, they are in violation of their reseller agreement.

Check on the McNeel website under “Buy” for your local authorized resellers for NZ.

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Just find a friend in that country to buy it for you.

I’m sorry for all rerailers but this is BS. The price should either be the same everywhere or Everyone around the world should be able to buy it from McNeel directly. It is a piece of code for the love of God. Not somthing that can spoil and go bad.

In one country it’s $1000 in another it is 1000 euro, that’s discrimination.


No, it’s more than that. It’s also a network of training and support people who make their living taking care of client needs in local languages and cultures. People you can actually get on the phone during working hours in your country when it might be 3 AM in Seattle. Economic conditions are different everywhere…


Not once have I used support of the retailer where I bought my copy of Rhino. To be exact, actually not a piece of code, it’s even less than that because you buy a string of n characters (the key) :smiley:

I Doubt I’ll ever contact my retailer support.

  • First of all there’s forums :smiley:
  • Second, I don’t speak German. And the Germans try very hard NOT to speak English in my experience.
  • And Third: I probably know Rhino better than the retailers. :rofl:

BTW, will it be a violation if I relocate to, eg. Canada and keep using my copy of Rhino. LOL


Not at this link. :grin:

haha, I didn’t mean it to be a link :smiley: OOps typo

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My experience with the company I originally bought Rhino from, while I was still living in a different country, was horrible. I won’t mention their name here but it took them 3 weeks after I already paid (Including me calling them 5 times to ask what’s up) before they would send me a link which brought me to a broken page. I don’t think they’ve ever even worked with the software either.

Same here, I had to remind them a few times via email, before I got the keys, both Rhino and Bongo

@siemen, are you German? Is your retailer in the Hamburg area? Perhaps we’re talking about the same company. :smiley:

I would ask anyone that has had a poor experience with a Rhino Reseller, to contact the McNeel office in your region (North America - Seattle, Europe - Barcelona, etc.) and report your experience specifics.

We do not want bad resellers.

No, sorry to disappoint you. It was in a neighboring country. :wink:

I did that (since the broken link I ended up on told me something went wrong and I had to write to some McNeel e-mailaddress) but since they’re still a reseller I assume I just had bad luck.

Everyone “stubs their toe” occasionally.
When it gets to be a reoccurring problem, then that’s different.


This comes as a real surprise! :sob: I was kind of counting on the $200US off.

I won’t buy from a local source as we in NZ are robbed blind by local retailers (more often than not!).

They seem to think because we are way down here away from everyone else they can charge whatever outrageous price they can get away with. And they wonder why so many Kiwi’s buy stuff from overseas (and online).

So I guess to buy Rhino locally, I’ll have to pay the exchange rate of US to NZ $, + the retailers margin, + GST (15%).

So…after all that…I guess I WON’T be buying Rhino!

Thank you gentlemen…this has been enlightening.

PS I don’t think I’ve ever purchased any software locally - except for the OS!

Out of curiosity, what is the price of Rhino in NZ?

The “retailer’s margin” should already be included in the base price as dealers buy from McNeel at a discount and sell to end clients at the retail price. McNeel does set the conversion from the software price in US$ to NZ$ - unfortunately I can’t see that rate from here, but you can.

If your local dealer is charging you significantly more than the price listed on the McNeel website in NZ$ when you hit “buy”, then there is a problem. There’s maybe a couple of percent extra in there to cover the bank exchange rate - if the dealer thinks they can pass it on to the customer. Then there is the issue of local sales tax - that can add a significant amount to the price, but that is a local issue. Looks like 15% in NZ, that’s fairly steep, more than here and in the US, but less than most parts of Europe.

I see the following on a NZ dealer’s website.


Looks pretty retail to me.

No, there is no geographic restriction on end-users, only the resellers.

That sounds really bad. I would always contact a reseller by e-mail or phone first before buying just to sound them out, see if they respond in a reasonable time and look like they are on the ball. If not, I would look elsewhere - if there is a choice. In some markets there just isn’t enough business to support multiple resellers. In the worst case, contact the regional McNeel office directly to report the problem and see if they have any suggestions/workarounds.

Agreed. I never understood why McNeel uses resellers. You should be able to pay with your credit card the same price everywhere from anywhere, and get the key. Its like buying anything on the internet, with your account and your credit card information.

I didn’t have a nice experience either. I got redirected to two resellers websites, with poor information about the selling of software. In fact I remember I had to email them just to get the link to fill up by personal data. The price wasn’t showing anywhere. When I asked enquires about it and asked for further details they stopped replying. Guess phone is still the way to go with people.

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1 - NZ Reseller = $1554.44 x 15% ($233.16) = $1787.61NZ

2 - Novedge = $795US = $1135NZ approx

Difference = $652.61NZ

3 - McNeel Retail = $995US ($1425.00NZ) x 15% ($213.75NZ) = $1638.75NZ

Difference $1787.61NZ - $1638.75NZ = $148.86NZ (9+% extra for what?? (more margin!!))

I’m not about the pay $650NZ difference!

The idea that I can’t deal direct (especially when licenses are involved) makes me pause.

There are plenty of software vendors out there who want me to…and allow me to…deal with them directly.

The reason is that McNeel has no salespeople of their own out pounding the pavement all over the world looking for businesses that might want to buy the product. I know that may seem weird, but it is absolutely necessary if you want more than a handful of hobbyists using your product in certain industries or cultures, or at least it was true when this was all set out. The approach has worked out very well in certain markets, not so much in others.

I worked for a very successful company some years back where the CEO constantly stated that all staff were sales people first :wink: