Print Layout to PDF Crashes

I’m having an interesting issue in Rhino 5. When I go to print a layout to PDF, Rhino will always crash on my first attempt of the current session (a session in this case being per instance of unlocking my computer after being away, computer is always on, does not get put to sleep or hibernated), to print a layout to PDF.

Rhino will show all the normal printing screens, but the progress bar of the creating PDF window will hang at about 80%. If I then cancel the printing, Rhino will hang briefly and then crash. The crash dump file always gives me up to the minute recovery, and I can always successfully print to PDF for the rest of the session, whether from the original file or the recovered crash dump file.

Rhino is up to date, with Section Tools, Grasshopper, and Flamingo plug-ins.
I’m running Adobe Creative Cloud, which is also up to date, including the latest Acrobat.
Hardware is a Core i7 3rd gen laptop, with 2.4ghz processor, 8gb of Ram, Windows 8.1 Pro, and a geforce GTX 660m.

I’ve had Rhino submit the .3dm file to Mcneel with the crash report the last couple of times it’s happened, but I’m happy to post a .3dm up here if that will be helpful. This has happened across multiple files that have started off different templates, and across multiple installs of Rhino.

I assume you mention Acrobat because that’s what you’re using as your pdf printer, and not one of the other 3rd party pdf printers that are so frequently recommended by McNeel?

Yup, my printer is “AdobePDF”, and I’m outputting vectors with color. View is set to Layout.

I’m also having this issue. @AlW have you found a way to resolve it?

@Alasdair Nope. My earlier comment was based on my reading of forum discussions. I don’t use pdf printing myself.

I can’t for the life of me remember why I wanted to do this at the time, but I do recall having a specific reason for printing to PDF rather than exporting linework. I haven’t tried this since, so it’s interesting to note someone else having the same issues.

Hi Nick - so far as I know, we still get occasional reports of crashing on print to pdf only if Acrobat is the driver. PDF 995, CutePDF, PrimoPDF (and no doubt many others - those are the ones that come to mind) seem to work better…


I’m using PDFCreator… I’ll try out one of the other drivers. Thanks!

Update: Rhino is still stalling at about 90% with PDF 995. Afterwards Rhino layout is buggy and slow, and Rhino has crashed shortly afterwards a few times now.

As soon as I mix raster/vector lines it seems to be happening - Most of the time I’m able to print as a vector file, with raster details/viewports to the mode just fine.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but I thought better to bump then to make a new one.

Ditto! I’m having the exact same problem!! At the first attempt to print to PDF Rhino stalls and I have to force quit Rhino. But when I reopen the file and attempt a second print it works fine.

I’ve started to save before printing now because I know this behaviour will happen. I’m a uni student so printing to PDF is a necessity for me!

If you are in a situation where you just need linework, I find it’s better to do a Make2D of your view, and export the lines to Illustrator or a 2d drafting program. You can set a scale during the export process too, if you don’t want to scale the linework in Rhino.

This has the added advantage of preserving layer organization.

What is the C# code to print layout to PDF?