Rhino 6 bug - selected control points are not highlighted

When I select one control point, it is highlighted. When I select several control points, they are not highlighted. This bug does not exist in Rhino 5.

Works for me. All selected control points are highlighted. CPHighlight DC1.3dm (43.9 KB)

Same problem with this file. The bug is in the Options. Here are my options:
R6 options3.ini (155.5 KB)

Attached is my options export file when multiple selected control points are highlighted. CPHighlight DC1 options.ini (136.2 KB)

Edited for clarification.

@pascal I used your options. These options do not change color of the highlighted control points, only their size. I my opinion, highlighting should change their color.

I was wrong. What I described as highlighting of single control point is actually gumball free move origin. The only good highlighting of the control points is when I use SelControlPointRegion command. The highlighting is strong (black dots) and good during the selection of the control points, as depicted in the following screenshot.

After the selection, the highlighting is weak and bad, as depicted in the following screenshot.SelControlPointRegion%202

I’m not Pascal.

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The color of selected objects can be set in Options > Appearance > Colors > Object display > Selected objects
Selected control points will have this color as a solid dot. Pick a color which is visible to you and which you don’t usually use as the color for layers or objects. Yellow appears to be the default (I’ve never changed it) and yellow works for me.

Unfortunately, the selected control points do NOT have the “color of selected objects”.

Check your display mode settings. You may have overridden CP color to something fixed. Note that you also can disable the white center, even make the CPs square.

Looks like the cause is something @Andrew_Nowicki has set. I OptionImport the option.ini file Andrew posted above and I had the same behavior he reports. Then I restored my usual options CPHighlight DC1 options.ini (136.2 KB) and selected control points are filled and yellow, the color I have for “color of selected objects”.

I have found another bug, which may be related to the control point display bug.

Separate points have correct size, but points which are joined into clouds have only half the correct size. When I reduce their size to 1 pixel, they become invisible.

Post removed - mistake on my part.

I believe that is the intended behavior. Points in clouds are also small dots in V5, and my recollection they were also small dots in V4 though I no longer have V4 loaded.

The same bugs are in Rhino 6.3.

This bug is still in Rhino 6.4.

This bug has not been fixed in Rhino 6.5 - the points in a cloud are very small.

This bug has not been fixed in Rhino 6.6 - the points in a cloud are very small.

Hello - I guess I don’t understand… a pixel is small. Why would you set the display to show points at one pixel, and then complain that they are too small? You can set both point cloud point size and control point size to whatever looks good on your monitor… I must be missing a link.