Highlighting of tabbed panel icons and control points is too weak

Early versions of Rhino 5 had very weak highlighting of tabbed panel icons. The highlighting improved a little, but not enough. It should be instantly obvious which icon is highlighted.



This has become a trend nowadays. A stupid one at that. Many UIs has been made useless lately due to this bleak midwinter disease.

// Rolf

I still remember the Blender UI colors and button sizes from pre-2.5 with fondness. You may or may not like it, but it helped guiding the eye - big buttons where they mattered, some colors to group stuff.

blender 2.49b

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Crisp and clear, that’s how it should be done.

// Rolf

Control point highlighting is also feeble.

When I use SelControlPointRegion command the highlighting is strong (black dots) during the selection of the control points, as depicted in the following screenshot.

After the selection, the highlighting is feeble, as depicted in the following screenshot.SelControlPointRegion%202

Rhino 6.3 has better highlighting of tabbed panel icons. Control point highlighting is still feeble.