Rhino 6 bug - selected control points are not highlighted

I do not want to do it. My argument is that they should be visible when their size is reduced to one pixel.


I can set cloud points to any size in some display modes, but I have no control over the size of control point of the point cloud.

The actual size of the cloud points is half the size shown in the Options (in the above screenshot) in Rendered display mode, and about one pixel in other display modes. When I combine separate points into a cloud, their size (in pixels) is reduced by half or more.

The second problem is the size of the control point of the point cloud - there is no way to change its pixel size. The size shown in the Options has no impact on the actual size.

The third and last problem is display of separate points. Several display modes (Technical, Artistic, Pen, and Arctic) display round points (solid circles) and square points as half-moons. You can see this bug well when you set their size to big value (5 or more).

@pascal The big points are shown in the following screenshot. They look weird if three conditions are satisfied:

  1. The points lie on the construction plane.
  2. The viewport has perspective projection.
  3. The display mode is Technical, Artistic, Pen, or Arctic.

    As you can see in the screenshot, small change of viewport camera angle in the perspective view dramatically changes the shape of the big points.

Hello - all of these probably have the ground plane showing and that is cutting the points in half. Try adding something lower than the points to move the GP down, that should tell you what is going on with that.


This is not good excuse because:

  1. Lines and other objects located below the ground plane are visible.
  2. This bug does not appear in half of the display modes.

This bug has not been fixed in Rhino 6.9 - the points in a cloud are very small.

I don’t see a bug here… You highlighted “PointCloud control point style”. Try selecting the point cloud and hitting F10… you should see big fat 3 pixel square points according to your settings.

The 2 pixel square points are also quite a bit smaller than the two pixel solid round points…


No, I have not.

Yes, the points become bigger, but this comment is irrelevant.

I have changed the settings in Options. All points are round and have the same size. The result is shown in the following screenshot.

Yes, you did…

However, you are correct in that the Solid Circle or Square setting with a point cloud is smaller than the Circle/Square with a white center setting for point clouds that do not have control points on. I do not know if this is deliberately done in order to distinguish if the pointcloud has control points on or not…

With control points on, the point size on screen for point clouds appears to correspond with the settings. It’s actually the round points that are a lot larger than the pixel size indicates in all cases.

The “half-moon” display bug of points is still present in Rhino 6.9.
(The points lie on the construction plane. The viewport has perspective projection. The display mode is Technical, Artistic, Pen, or Arctic.)

Hello - yes any shaded or technical mode with a ground plane using a material does this.



These bugs have been fixed (probably in Rhino 6.12) - thanks.:heart_eyes: