Rhino 6 Animation rendering painfully long

I am using rhino in college and am in a zoo, using rhino 6.
My problem is that my animation frames are rendering at a ridiculously slow speed, 25mins per frame. My model was two parts and incomplex.
I have a nvidia quadro rtx 4000 8gb and a ryzen 5900 cpu.
Maybe im inpatient but when i looked at task manager it said my gpu was using 0% of power while rendering.
plz help i love rhino but this hurts

Rhino Render in Rhino 6 doesn’t use the GPU for accelleration. For that you need Rhino 7 minimum.

How did you create the animation? With Bongo?

ah ok that makes sense. the cycles gives me the option to render with gpu but i dunno.

No i just used the rhino animation set up and animation tabs in the software.

also thanks for the reply

Hmm, I don’t remember how the animation in Rhino 6 works. If you do Raytraced it is using Cycles (and if it is supported in Rhino 6 for the animation tools) then it should use the GPU. But if it uses Rhino Render then it doesn’t use Cycles.

Maybe @pascal knows about this?

Heh… here in V6, if I set up a turntable animation and ask to use raytraced, it flips through the frames quickly but saves the first pass on each, then when all done finishes the first (or last, not sure) frame…


I have a vague recollection that there should be a command-line option to specify how many passes should be rendered? Or am I confusing that with ViewCapture* commands?

so how many passes is reasonable as i may have put in a number other than default or a way too high number

It really depends on your scene. You could first try with Raytraced and different pass counts to see what is the lowest acceptable setting, then use that.

But know that rendering animations can be resource and time intensive.

Also, to properly see GPU utilization in the task manager on Windows you need to change the graph to compute.