Animation render with Raytraced only renders the backdrop


I’m currently trying to do a little animation in Raytraced. I have a couple of models with metal and glass materials on a black ground plane.

If I try to run the animation with the view set to Raytraced, then the Backdrop is saved to the output png files, rather than the rendered model. I know this to be the case, as I’ve experimented with different backdrops. If I then hit the ‘pause’ button on the raytraced viewport, then a simple render of my models is saved to the subsequent pngs.

I’ve tried changing my render engine to rhino-render-next, but this doesn’t appear to make any difference.

I’d really appreciate it if anyone has any ideas on what to try next.


Nice One

How are you doing the animation? With Bongo?

Just the straight Rhino 6 animation - the only additional plugin I’m using is Rhinogold 6 for the materials.

So, 2 things fixed this. First - using ‘Final Render’ rather then ‘Raytraced’ for the rendering option. Second, using Bongo made the whole render much smoother.

I think I’ll have to invest in a new graphics card - rendering a 5 second video takes about 3 days!

Note that with regular Rhino 6 using Final Render when current renderer is set to Rhino Render you won’t be getting the Raytraced engine, nor will it use the GPU.

In Bongo you can use Raytraced too. In that case you should be able to utilize your GPU.

Thanks. I’m using rhino-render-next with render final. Will that not utilize the GPU? The frames I’m getting are identical to the raytraced view, but they are taking a long time to process.

Ah yes, Rhino Render Next is what you can use yes, it brings the Cycles engine into the Renderer menu. It is far from optimized as you have noticed - it is much slower than a capture of Raytraced would take due to the way it interacts with the render window (very suboptimally). AFAIK the capture of Raytraced should work as well. I’d set in Tools > Options > Cycles the samples count to 2, then in the Bongo Animation Render dialog when you have selected your Raytraced viewport set the number of passes for realtime viewport to what you want.

You can also test in Rhino WIP. There the actual Rhino Render is Cycles and is already much optimized over Rhino Render Next ( and more performance improvements in the coming weeks to be expected).

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