Rhino 6.23 - MicroScribe nuisance

Every time I update Rhino, I get the error shown in the following screenshot. I tell Rhino “Never load this plug-in again,” but Rhino does it again and again, until I delete these files. The next time I update Rhino, the same files come back with a vengeance.

Delete the two ZPR plugins.
They are in:
C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins

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This nuisance continues in Rhino 7.21 (and previous releases). Every time I install new release and start Rhino, I get error window (shown below). As soon as I delete digitize_MicroScribe.rhp file, the error window disappears. When I install new release, the error window reappears.

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Still valid ! THX … I was annoyed by this dialogue-box popping up every time on start and could not find any hint, as to where to find ‘microscribe’-younameit to delete it :slight_smile: