Rhino loading Plugin error after Windows 10 Pro v2004 build 19041.572 update

Just updated Windows 10 to latest release
Windows 10 Pro v2004 build 19041.572

After this I got several plug-ins loading errors.
I uninstalled plugin I do not use but cannot get rid of Trace.rhp and Boltgen_py.rhp.
I tried already everything found on other similar threads with no success:

  • Run Rhino Setup -> repair installation
  • Search for plugin inside %APPDATA% folder
  • Delete Registry Key
  • Search for the files on my computer

Error from Rhino Version 6 SR29
(6.29.20238.11501, 25/08/2020)
Rhino plugin error
Error from Rhino BETA
(7.0.20287.16003, 13/10/2020)
Rhino BETA plugin error

Resolved both Issues:
Rhino 6 - Trace.rhp
Somehow during Windows update Trace.rhp attributes were set to “hidden”.
It was actually inside the plugin folder.
Trashed and resolved issue.
Rhino 7 - RhinoPlugin.rhp
-> RhinoPlugin was left back from Unity - Rhino plugin
Found as hidden, then trashed.