Unwanted plugins at startup won't go away

It started appearing after today’s update and I can’t get rid of it, even after ticking this:

Hej Piotr -
Have you tried repairing the Rhino installation?

Nope, but I will try.

Still there.

I suppose you could disable the plug-ins in the Plug-in Manager but I’d like to see if I can reproduce that here. Was it the final SR19 or the SR20 Release Candidate that you installed?

Latest of the latest: 20.
I could disable it myself but they are not listed in my plugin library.

I’ve now installed (7.20.22165.13001, 2022-06-14) and am not running into problems here.
Have you checked if there are any Windows updates pending and have rebooted the machine?

The Rhino repar triggered Windows to reboot but it didn’t make it go away.

I’ve put this on the list as RH-69016 for a developer to take a closer look.

I just installed latest update and it is gone. Thanks!

I’ve had the same problem with the microscribe plugin yesterday on my laptop workstation.

Try to update from Options page. This update isn’t announced on this forum (yet?).

Just installed the update (Rhino 7 SR20 2022-6-21 (Rhino 7, 7.20.22172.15001) on my desktop and laptop, as always through Options / Updates and Statistics. No problem with that plugin anymore…

After today’s WiP update I am still seeing this: