Rhino 5 Toolbar graphics error

Hi All,

I have recently run into issues with Rhino 5, on my A1398 Retina Macbook pro (Circa 2012). Please note until recently Rhino has performed flawlessly…

I find that when I go to open an new file from the file menu (in either 64 bit or standard build) the top menu bar appears to mirror itself below, slightly larger. (See picture)

When the new file opens, all the icons in my toolbars are pixelated and enlarged. If I hover over them they return to normal for a few seconds then pixelate again.

When one clicks on File, Edit, View etc menus, they look similar to the top menu bar, essentially oversized for the menu line, making them unreadable and the menu very unusable.

I’ve tried re-installing rhino and updating my Nvidia graphics drivers to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.