Noob Q: Menu Toolbar Cutoff

Hello people, first post here. Just coming in from Sketchup…although I love its intuition, I have some designs it just can’t handle.

Anyways, when I’m running the demo I’ve noticed several times that when I open a file, the different menu bar choices get cut off, as you can see in the pic.

Anyone else run into this problem? How to fix? It’s not a horrible problem, but still annoying. Ty

Hi Jason - looks like maybe there’s a collision among Rhino, your screen resolution, and the Windows settings for how big to make stuff - what is the monitor?


ty for responding pascal.
I’m on my Asus laptop, a 1920x1080 res. size is at 125%.

I should also mention that the command line is also cutoff, so I only see half of one of the last options.

Hi Jason - I guess I’d try setting the size to 100%, just as a test, to see if that sorts it out. I used Rhino on a 1920/1080 laptop for a long time but I think it was set to 100%. I suppose it is possible, even though the symptoms are not the same. that you could get some help from this:


I tried changing it to 100%, but still had the issue. It seems like this occurs with a few (but not all) of the models provided in the training exercises. I wonder if there’s a setting that accompanies the models?

I’m currently using the 86 bit version, does that link still apply?