Rhino 5 Surfaces and Lines Disappearing - Win10/Rhino 5


When we move around one particular project, the lines and surfaces flicker on and off. A more complex project has no issues.

We have spent many hours trying to create a new file from scratch using the working project as a baseline, importing parts of the problem project, and cannot identify the issue.

I have researched the forum (and internet) extensively and cannot find a solution that works for us. We reset the default views in Wireframe, Shaded etc, set the camera co-ordinates to match a working file, and tried them at 0/0/0… We have P5000 GPUs on decent-spec machines, and other more complex projects are fine.

We are stumped!


Hello - one thing to check is the location in World coordinates - is the scene very far from the world origin ( use EvaluatePt and snap to some geometry that displays wrong)


Hi Pascal, thanks for the response. Unfortunately that didn’t resolve the issue. We’re still looking into what exactly is different about this one project…

Hi @bpwhitehouse
A shot in the dark: SelBadObjects?

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Thanks Jakob! Unfortunately, no dice :frowning:

Hello - can you export one of the ugly objects to a new file and if it still looks bad post it here or to tech@mcneel.com. Send your whole file if that is all the shows the problem.


Thanks for everyone’s help. We found a macro to run in the cmd line that resolves this issue:

_Move _Pause
_Pause w0,0,0 _Enter