Display Issue - Surfaces disappearing

Having surfaces disappear… in Front View everything disappears completely, only to reappear with rotation. And then the level of display is not accurate (things behind showing through shaded surfaces).

I spoke with support and changed display settings, no luck.
I’ve removed any bad objects and tried refreshshade, no luck.

Everything has been working fine on a new machine for 6 months, so I’m lost as to how to approach this. Video would be best but I think I can only post pictures… see below for example.

Rhino 5
Windows 10
Intel Xeon Processor W-2265
Nvidia Quadro RTX5000, 16GB


Deleted processor details…
12C 3.5GHz 4.8GHz Turbo HT 19.25MB

Hello - my guess is that either your objects are very far from the world origin or there is some ‘stray’ geometry way out in space. What happens if you Zoom Extents in all views?


Thanks for the feedback Pascal

There was a very small stray surface hiding near the rest of the model, deleting that has helped… the surfaces no longer disappear.

I’m still getting some visual issues… the wireframe of the surfaces beneath are still showing through at some angles. Maybe there is another very small surface that I’ve not yet found.

This helped enough to keep me working, thank you, but here are 2 angles for reference: