Lines disapear

HI! Having problems with disappearing lines. When I select these lines, they are there but when unselected - cant see them?

The usual first question in cases like this is:

Do you have the latest drivers for your graphics card?

Thanks for answer! Seems yes I have latest drivers.

Hi Vahur- can you post the file or send it to



That doesn’t have anything to do with graphics drivers.
Make 2d is notouriously unreliable with curved outlines in perspective views.
It is not a problem of Rhino not showing said lines - they simply arn’t there because of Make2d sketchy behaviour.


well, obviously the curves have been created as selecting them shows them in yellow in the picture that was posted. It is hard to tell from the picture and a file would help. If I were to guess from the picture, I would say that the tangent curves layer has the same color as the background…

I don’t think you are correct, since the lines are there when they are selected.

Hi Vahur, I have several questions: which graphics card are you using (brand, type)? How did you create the perspective faulty wireframe? What object description / typology do you get in the properties when you click the yellow object? Thanks!

This looks similar to the problem I posted some time back.
In my case it’s a random problem when the curves are on the construction plane - they either simply don’t show up (unless selected) or show up partly like the above.
I think it is to do with graphics card / drivers, which in my case (ati on toshiba laptop) I cant update…


You are, quite obviously, right.

Hi rabbit, if you temporarily disable “Use accelerated hardware modes” from your OpenGL settings:

_Options >>> Rhino Options / View / OpenGL

you might by able to verify if it`s related to your graphics driver.


Thanks a lot everybody!!!
Problem seems to be related with graphic card. Anyway I decided to buy a new computer so I hope I can fix this problem as well.
Thanks one more time!

Is your Ground Plane turned on? That will do it if your model is laying right on it.

I also run into something similar that’s related to the camera. If I select the model and zoom-selected, it solves the problem.

Did I mention the Ground Plane?

Clement / James

Thanks for your suggestions.
I don’t have the ground plane on.

Next time it happens I’ll try turning off the hardware acceleration and also zoom select the selected model.

Thanks for your suggestions.


Well, just happened again - zoom select fixes it sometimes, and if not, then zoom extents gets it - ie when i come back into whatever it was I was working on everything is good…
So it would seem to be something to do with the camera, and maybe the graphic card is not the culprit.


Try “TestZBiasFactor” and adjust until you get the result you are looking for. I found this disappearing line issue on one of my computers I had problems (previously adjusted this way) setting it back to "Default " corrected the problem.

Hi Tony- when this happens, and there is no selection, check the Properties panel for the camera and target coordinates - are they reasonable for that view?


Ok - this will be a long running post, since it happens only intermittently…
Also, it only happens with curves that have been projected to the cplane in an ortho view…


Hi Tony - do you have the transparentt plane showing for CPlanes? Grasping at straws again, but that setting, per display mode, makes a mesh face that gets shaded/ghosted on the CPlane and I’m just wondering if there is some confusion there.


Good call Pascal, but no…I didn’t even know that option existed!

It would be good if there was a command the user could run, which would take a snapshot of all the settings and everything pertaining to the current file and time, zip it and send it through to you guys…