Rhino 5 SR5 RC1 Available

Rhino 5 SR5 Release Candidate 1 is now available.

To receive release candidate updates:

  1. From the Tools menu in Rhino, click Check for Updates
  2. In the Updates and Statistics page, select Service Release Candidates in the Update Frequency drop-down box.
  3. Click OK.

Or, download manually.

Here’s a list of what has changed since SR4.

Please report any problems on this forum.

Did happen something for the toolbar system as well?
I do not see it mentioned in the list of changes.


Was SR4 finalized? I never saw an announcement about that. I was under the impression that SR4 was still a release candidate.


Yeah, you’re right - we did miss that announcement. It was actually released a couple weeks ago. I’ll post an announcement today.

Well, since most of us don’t know about SR4 why not combine 4 & 5 to make things a bit less trouble?

Because SR4 is already stable and officially released to the update system, and SR5 has some additional changes.

Installed SR5:
(still the trimmed surface texture mapping is wrong, as said in other discussion see here:
http://v5.rhino3d.com/forum/topics/pictureframe-trim?commentId=6377196%3AComment%3A134384 )

with Vray for rhino…
it is now impossible (at least to me) to set a material (from plug-in) in the material section of an object…
trying to check it create a mysterious “(unnamed)” material and the check just remain unchecked…
any ideas?

Thanks for letting us know. @andy, this looks like an SR5 stop-ship bug.


OK - we’ll look into it tomorrow. This is almost certainly related to the scripting fix we added to help JD and Maxwell.

I have just checked in a fix for this. Andy is correct, it was related to the scripting fix. Sorry about that!

@Brian Did you post the announcement about the toolbar system, I’m not seeing it.


What announcement about the toolbar system? Where are you looking for it?

@brian I guess you were replying to something else, sorry for the confusion.

I think he is waiting to see the bugs in the toolbar system get fixed.
You can read several threads in the NNTP groups abut the toolbars.