V5 SR13 (RC?) is here

Wow, I thought there wasn’t going to be one… Is there a changelog somewhere? I only see the one from SR12. I guess what is downloaded and installed automatically is still officially a release candidate?

Thanks! --Mitch

This seems to be RC1 of SR13, yes.

The change log is here:

but don’t necessarily take that list to reflect reality. I mentioned the change logs in that other post just because that is something where development cost is kept at a low minimum…

Hi Mitch -it turned out there was a problem running nXt-5 with SR12 and the fix requires an SR. There are a few other little fixes here and there that have crept in but that is the main thing.


I would consider the other “main thing” being the inclusion of the fix that JB has posted for telling Windows Rhino 5 is not high DPI aware. This makes the user interface much more usable on things like 4k monitors.

Right! that too.


I’ve mentioned this before…

I would expect such main issues to show up in a change log! Try getting the IT department to use resources for rolling out an update on the basis of that list …

Personally, I could use a few more Python methods implemented. Specifically: