Rhino 5 SR6 Release Candidate 2

Continuing the discussion from Rhino 5 SR6 Release Candidate 1:

** Release Candidate 2 is now available**

Read the change log for this release.

Unless we hear otherwise from you, this will be the final SR6 Release Candidate, and we’ll release SR6 in another week or two.

@Helvetosaur, we’ve fixed the bug with updating SR5 and older installs with multiple languages. If you have a chance, please uninstall Rhino 5 and reinstall from your DVD, then install SR6. Thanks!

To download Rhino 5 SR6:

  1. From the Help menu, click Check for Updates
  2. In the Update Frequency drop-down box, select Service Release Candidate
  3. Rhino should update within the next 24 hours.

Or, if you just can’t wait, you can download and install manually. Those of you deploying service releases throughout an organization can download the SR Update MSI here.

Please report any problems on this forum!

where can we see what’s new in this candidate?

Hi Brian,
I had some problems with incomplete install due to multilingual stuff I think.
Did I get a DVD when I upgraded to Rhino 5? I’ll have to check at home. Is there a installer file I could use instead?

Oops! Forgot that bit! I’ve added a link up in my original post.

Yes, you should have a DVD at home. You can also download the full SR5 installer (1.2GB!) from http://www.rhino3d.com/download/rhino/5.0/commercial, then install the SR6 RC2 on top of that.

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Hey Brian
I had uninstalled V5 already and reinstalled SR5 directly from the download - which temporarily fixed the problem - do you want me to uninstall again and go back to SR0, or just try installing SR6 RC2 over the top of the SR5 currently installed?

Thx, --Mitch

Just barely on-topic:

Brian, we keep seeing references to RH-xxxx numbers in various places (like the change log) and I understand that someday users will be able to browse the list.
What I’m curious about is what the digits mean. I see that there are items numbered in the 20,000 range, and I’m wondering if it’s a sequential numbering scheme and you actually have that many entries? At the apparent rate at which they are showing up on the change log, it seems you are falling incredibly far behind!

SR6 RC2 over SR5 is fine with me!

Every automated crash report we get is logged in our bug tracker, so while that number grows quickly, it isn’t really indicative of a real bug count. I wouldn’t take this as evidence that we are not far behind, though :smile:

So tell me who’s ahead: the poor individual who has to sort through all these reports or the one who’s writing the system to automatically sift through and make sense of them? :smile:

So, FYI, mixed success - only two out of my three worked :confused: - the ones where I had previously uninstalled Rhino and reinstalled SR5. On my my main workstation - where I had not uninstalled Rhino - SR6 RC2 did not install correctly over SR5, I am again left with my French Rhino scheme that has toolbars in :fr: but menus etc. in :gb: .

So looks like the only current solution is to uninstall and reinstall. I didn’t need to reinstall SR0,= after uninstalling, just the complete SR5 download, including the languages I wanted.