Rhino 5: shading of light extrusion object not updated after height changes


this looks like a bug to me in the latest Rhino 5 SR8. Attached a video and an example model.

Thanks and have a nice weekend



Rhino 3dm-file:
Extrusions_shading_error.3dm (75.1 KB)

I opened your file, ran ClearAllMeshes, then went back into a default Shaded display mode and they look fine.
Your display mode looks different than mine.
Are you using a tweaked display mode?

I used Gumball with SolidPtOn and could not repeat the problem.

Hi John,

with ClearAllMeshes I can refresh to correct meshes. No, I use the normal shaded mode, but in rendered, x-ray, transparent modes this error is also there, the meshes don’t get updated here. I have tested this now in Rhino 5 SR 8 64-bit and Rhino 5 SR8 32-Bit. Also I have seen this at PCs of some of my customers.

Yes, SolidPtOn-Editing converts the light extrusion object to a polysurface, which shades here correctly. PointsOn leaves it as light extrusion object after editing and doesn’t update the mesh here.



OK, I can repeat it following your specific steps.
I’ll see if I can get this figured out.