Shading/ Display problems?


This is probably a silly question but I have no idea why this happens or how to fix it.

Upon opening a file i have noticed that occasionally the wire mesh and shaded display of the object are not aligned; the shaded display is locked at a fixed displacement from the wire mesh.

Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks!

I suspect your object is too far from the coordinate origin, or the box was created way out there and moved in. If it’s the latter, run ClearAllMesges and switch back to a shaded view. If it’s the former, move your objects close to 0,0, the run ClearAllMeshes, and switch back to a shaded display mode.

Thanks so much John :smiley:

The objects were created close to the origin so that must not be the problem. It is such a strange anomaly.

Can you send the file into please? It might be due to a bad edge or might be something we can fix.

Just clarifying that ClearAllMeshes worked prefectly. So all is good. Thanks for the offer Brian.

I’ve had this exact thing happen also, but it happens because on computer A, I modify the points of an object using the SolidPtOn command. Then I save the file and later open it on computer B. Computer B displays the offset mesh bug for whatever reason. If I reopen the file on computer A again, the mesh is properly in the right spot.

If you want a test file, let me know.


Yes please… or will work

Sent to “tech@”.

Thanks for the sample file. Use RefreshShade to fix the render mesh on these Extrusion Objects. I can recreate the issue in SR8 of Rhino 5 if I use the (F10) control points for the extrusions but I’m not seeing it with SolidPtOn edits.

Regardless though… The issue of the extrusion object render mesh not keeping up after a control point edit has been fixed already in SR9 which will be out soon… or you can use the release candidate of it now by switching to ‘release candidate’ updates in Options>Updates and Statistics within Rhino 5.