Extrusion Render Mesh Bugs

To you McNeel guys,

I’ve been noticing a weird bug with render meshing for extrusion objects (running 3/5/14 update). Some combinations of the following actions (and others) produce situations where the render mesh for extrusions doesn’t update correctly: e.g. draw box in shaded mode, turn on box points, move box points, switch to wireframe and back; draw box in wireframe, switch to shaded, move box points. Doesn’t seem to happen with any surfaces I’ve tested, just extrusions. Sometimes it will work as expected. Also one time it decided to add a clipping plane out of the blue. Thought one of you guys might be interested enough to check it out. The issue occurs without gumballs as well; makes sense as I’m sure the code for the two is mostly unrelated.

Hi Bert- yep, this is on the bug pile- for now, RefreshShade will help, but I realize that is not a real solution- we’ll fix it.