Visualization problem with Extrusion objects

Hello everyone!
I happen to have this really strange problem with Extrusions. If I install Rhino from the CD, they turn out perfectly ok (image above). But, when I upgrade to SR7, they turn into wireframe visualization in every viewport, in perspective, in isometric, in X-ray, in artistic view and so on (image below)! What to do?
Thank you in advance


Hi Pietro- type SelExtrusion and in Properties, make sure that isocurve display is not checked. Does that do it?


Hi @pascal, this is the outcome:

those wireframes are actually boxes, they should be the same colour of the grey solids (which are polysurfaces).

hi Pietro,
upload a couple of those boxes/buildings (both the good and bad ones) so we can take a look.

Dear @carvecream,
here it is. It may be useful to know that in another PC with the same software installed I have absolutely no problems. Could it be an hardware issue, maybe?
Extrusion problem.3dm (2.1 MB)

I don’t know what the problem is. I can repeat it here, I can’t see the shaded ‘bad’ ones. I can’t find any difference between those and the ‘good’ ones.

easy fix though, explode and join, they shade properly now.

interestingly, when i solidpton and move control points on the bad extrusions, they shade properly.

That sure is odd. Another way is SelectExtrusion and then ConvertExtrusion, but doing so in my model it boosts up a good 15MB… not exactly the best thing to do!

If you select the objects and hit RefreshShade, this will re-create the meshes and they will shade (they do here)… They don’t look bad to me though, so this looks buggy…


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Well, what would you say?? IT WORKED! Many thanks, @Helvetosaur! But it surely is odd!

It is odd- extrusion objects are supposed to me meshed on the fly - they do not carry meshes like Breps do. I’ll run this by the developer- thanks for the file. SaveSmall and reopening the file also forces the meshing to be regenerated.