Rhino 5: often no shading


one of my customer complains that they create often solids (with no error), which don’t shade. Attached an example: Solid_gets_no_shading.3dm (345.0 KB). Where to look?



Hi Michael,

I think this is due to the model being very far from the world origin and I’m not sure if the model was made in that location or moved there. I find two ways to fix this here. Use ClearAllMeshes and then switch to Shaded mode again or if you run RefreshShade on the model and then move it to 0,0,0 it shades properly.

Let me know if you have a set of steps to reproduce the solid without shading and I’ll make sure it’s filed.

Hi Brian,

thank you very much, ClearAllMeshes will help. Yes, I checked the farness, and I think that is not extrem, here my result: Punkt in Weltkoordinaten = 292533.045,112098.936,3306.426 mm



I agree and oddly if you make a new box at the same location it shades properly. The fact refreshing the meshes and moving to zero also fixes it made me guess it was a state plane coordinate issue but I could be wrong. Let me know if you find out how and where the solid was made before the shading problem please.