Rhino 5 anti-aliasing setting to match Rhino 4

I am testing Rhino 5 at the moment, and I don’t know what settings to set Rhino 5 at so that I can see lines clearly.

I took a screen shot comparing Rhino 4 and Rhino 5. As you can see, Rhino 4 produces sharper and clearer images.

Is this something to do with Anti-aliasing setting? I set the setting to None and still does this blurry thing.

Any ideas?

Hi Toby - here in V5, if AA is set to none, I do get a clean crisp ortho aligned rectangles as in your image - I can only get the blurries if I ask for 2x or 4x antialiasing.


Where in V5 is the AA settings for curves?

Hi Joddy - In V5 there is only one setting for AA, under Options > View > DisplayModes > OpenGL, it is not separate for curves, if that is what you mean.
There is testLineSmoothing, which does do nice things to curves/isocurves/edges and is independent of the AA settings. You can play with that, keeping in mind that this is an unsupported test command that you use ‘at your own risk’.


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Pascal, there’s something odd om my V5 (Evaluation).
The AA dropdown list is disabled.
Also, what does it actually affects?

Hi Joddys- what does the info about openGL and the video card, below the setting, tell you? It may be that your card does not support AA - that is the case on my MacBook Air.


I’m using a notebook with it onw graphics processor…that’s probably it.