Question about the "smoothness" of the lines

Dear Rhino users,
Is it correct that the lines on my screen are much softer or smoother in Rhino 5, than the are in Rhino 6? The same for the text that I put on the screen. In Rhino 6 it is much angular than in Rhino 5.
Is this a setting in the program, or does it have something to do with 64-bit?
It feels a little bit like working with Rhino 4 again…
Thank you in advance for your answer!
Evert-Jan - Netherlands.Knipsel1 Knipsel2

Hoi Evert-Jan,

First thing to check would your AntiAliasing settings through Rhino Options here:
Does it make a difference of you choose different values?

Second would be to update all drivers for your GPU’s
Also if you copy and paste the results from the command
The developers and others here might see some other related issues.

Does that make sens?
Groet Willem

Thank you Willem Derks,
I had a Antialiasing 4x. I think 8x would be better.
But I am going to update my drivers, as well.
So, thank you and kind regards!
Vriendelijke groet,

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