Display Curve/Edges - Anti-Aliasing OFF

Hi all,

I have a question about the “edge/curve displaying” in Rhino Beta.

I am runnig on a MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt Display, BOOTCAMP with WIN10. GraficCard is a NVIDIA GT750M

It is working fine, when I turn on the anti-aliasing 4x and higher.

When I turn off the anti-aliasing, which I usually do (I just like the fine lines) Rhino5 has a very clean / straight appearance.
On Beta there is some “overlap” of pixels (though anti-aliasing) is off, and it gives a bit “dirty” apperance.

Is there a way to set the display according the Rhino5 appearance?

BTW - generally, I am very amazed by the display perfomance in comparison to Rhino5, it handles large models extremly well !!!

Attached find the comparison to the current Rhino 5 display.


Thanks for your comments.

All the best.


I think AA is forced even if it’s set to None at the moment. It’s been reported before and nothing happened yet.