Rhino 5 and latest drivers AMD: problems!

Have any of you encountered display problems installing the latest certified drivers AMD (14.9)? I have Rhino 5 SR9 and I installed the latest Catalyst drivers (video card radeon HD 6800) for Windows 8.1 64bit.
In particular, when in the active Rhino antialising open gl abutment display problems, for example, in shaded mode. To fix I have to uncheck that option from the control panel of Rhino.

That looks like model problem with normals being reversed, not a display driver problem.
Can you post the model please?

Ok John.
The defect occurs with any file and geometry; I had to uninstall the drivers 14.9 and go to the old (14.4).
Shell failed.3dm (306.0 KB)

Yeah, the posted model looks fine here on a Quadro 4000… --Mitch

Surely it is a problem of video driver, because with the old drivers Rhino works well. The problem occurs by activating anti-aliasing, in the panel “Open-gl”. Apparently the new drivers are not well optimized by AMD or because of some bugs.

Hi David, same issue here with R9 270X 4Gb. Drivers version 14.9 (Lastest). Rhinoceros 5 SR9
Windows 8.1 64bits

-The solution that found is the same that you post, set AA to None. (looks hugly)

I tried to set the AA from the AMD tools but doesnt take effect.

Yes, bad drivers:

The same problem here with the latest drivers. Back to 14-4 and problem solved.

I’m having the same issues. I downgraded back to catalyst 14.4, and turned AA off, but the problem was only corrected for the 32-bit version of Rhino. The 64-bit version still has the transparency issues. Does anyone have any other fixes that I could try.

I have an R9 270X on Windows 7 64bit.


No apparent problems with driver version 14.501, HD 7700, Windows 8.1 64 bit.

Any fix to this?