Anti alias problems with new graphics card

last weekend my old amd radeon 7850 crashed and i bought a new graphics card (amd r7 260x) …
everything works fine for me except 1 thing:
if i disable anti aliasing i got the normal shaded view and if i enable it to 2x or higher it looks like the “x-ray all wires” mode?! dont know what to do … anyone knows what to do in this case?
pic1: my video settings (unfortunately german^^)
pic2: with disabled AA
pic3: with 4x AA

thanks in advance!!!

This seems to be a known problem with the current AMD drivers - you might see if you can find some older ones to try for the moment… And perhaps the upcoming SR10 release will also help. --Mitch


I confirm! Even giving me the same problem: I had to install the old driver AMD (14.4). With the latest drivers (14.9), Rhino gives display problems by setting the anti-aliasing.
I use Rhino 5 SR9 and video card Ati radeon HD 6850.

i just installed driver version 14.1 and now its works fine for me! (rhino 5 SR9)
14.4 doesnt work for the r7 260x card