Very strange behaviour in Rhino

I started evaluating Rhino and already have problems with the very first steps - Rhino shows some very strange/erratic behaviour.

My PC is running Windows 7 x64, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD.

The file I’ve downloaded from was rh50_en-us_5.11.50226.17195.exe

Hi Tauriel,

First thing to do is update your Gpu (videocard) drivers. You have an AMD card right? The issue looks exactly like an issue happening with previous drivers for AMD cards.

Let us know if you need additional help, the people on this forum is very hrlpful and will try to guide anyone through their issues with Rhino.


Yes, I do have an AMD card.

Rhino support pointed me to “Properties…” / “View” / “OpenGL”, where I disabled “Use accelerated hardware modes” - and the problem is gone! But I fear when working on bigger models I get some performance loss when keeping this setting - so it’s only plan B.

Here is a screenshot of my Video Hardware / Driver Information:

The driver is from 4 24 2014, try updating it. You are right that disabling hw acceleration is no solution on the long run.


Updating the video driver resolved the issue. Thanks a lot!

(I generally try to avoid changing drivers on Dell/AMD systems (I don’t know which one sucks more when it comes to drivers: AMD or Dell))

Updating the video driver resolved the issue. Thanks a lot!

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