Rhino 4.0 / windows 10 - dialogue panel partial info

Hi all,

In the last few weeks I am having trouble with the dialogue windows in Rhino- they appear with partial info. or with non at all, I cannot change any parameters in them. My layers pop up window does the same. I cannot do anything with Rhino render properties window, same with general properties page- cannot edit anything.

Rhino support suggested that it might be because of Windows 10 upgrades.

Anyone have a suggestion on how to solve this? !


W7 upgrade

It’s not Windows.
It’s your screen resolution.

I suspect you are running under Windows 10 Creator’s edition (1703) or the Fall Creator’s Edition (1709) at a higher screen resolution than existed back when Rhino V4 was designed for 32-bit Windows XP.

The only work-around for V4 is to lower your screen resolution to something that was available back then, like 1024x 768.

Rhino V5 SR14 can handle the higher screen resolutions with these details:

Rhino V6 handles the modern high screen resolutions.


Oh, I think better was already available back then and worked fine, I remember at least 1280 x 1024, 1440 x 900, and maybe even some 1680 x 1050… And who knows, V4 might run even fine at HD (1920 x 1080) under Win 7 or 8.1. Maybe I’ll try installing it back tomorrow just for fun.

Windows broke this with Creator’s edition. This is what precipitated V5 SR14. We were able to make the change in V5 and issue the service release.
It was not possible to revive the V4 development and make a similar fix.
The only V4 work-around is lower resolution.

i am sure that V4 was running good at 2560x1600


I am a bit lost with all the posts regarding screen res.

V4 worked great for 3 years, suddenly in the past month things have stopped working. The only changes made on my computer were Windows 10 automatic upgrades.
I did not play/change/edit screen res.

I forgot, I already had V4 installed on my Win 10 (1709) machine… It runs fine in 1920 x 1080 (100% scaling)

And is ok as well with 3840x2160 at 100%.
And also nearly ok at 125%.
Windows 1709

@yaelfriedman do you have display scaling set to something other than 100%? Your V4 icons and text look bigger than mine. --Mitch

Thank you all!
The problem was indeed 100% vers 125% display scaling…