UI glitch when open dialog... 4k

New 4K machine, display, fresh install.

I know there is lots of grumbling about 4K and V5 and I’m not really interested in opening another thread on that.

What I am experiencing is something else. My UI looks satisfactory to me.

When I try and open a file (Via file -> open ) the UI glitches and the rhino window “restores down” to 1/4 size. When I maximize the rhino window the UI is all glitchy and sized wrong, unusable.

Any ideas?

There is no fix for V5.
There is a hack that makes it look and act like 32-bit V5.

If V5 32-bit looks OK on your system, then you can make 64-bit look the same:

John, thanks but maybe I’m being unclear. I don’t have a problem with how it looks… Until I try and open a file. Maybe this video explains better.

I understand. I’ve seen it myself on a high-resolution laptop I have.
The hack is to tell Windows 64-bit V5 is not high DPI aware so it treats it like 32-bit V5.
The way the V5 display was designed, it did not adequately anticipate 4-5k displays.

V6 has this sorted.

32 bit exhibits the same behavior on my machine.

I see that occasionally on the Intel video chip on this Surface Pro 4.
The only hope is for a video driver update that addresses the problem and I don’t think that’s likely.

The real “fix” will be V6, as it is designed to support these very high resolution displays.

This is an NVIDIA (just FYI)

Does Rhino see the nVidia card in Options > View > OpenGL?
Take a screenshot of that options page please.

I’d suggest a driver update and make the two recommended changes in the nVidia Control Panel for the Quadros detailed here:

Not the forum for it but in my past experience windows 10 update has overwritten my driver updates with older versions it deemed best for mysterious reasons. I’ll give it a try though.

Windows display drivers are to be avoided.

Get your driver from nVidia directly:

new driver changed things a bit but same issue generally persists.

ugh i wish i did more homework on this. Just spent 5 grand on upgrades basically so I could have more real estate in Rhino and 4k doesn’t even work.

I think you’ll be happy with V6 on your new setup.
Your new cart is just a little ahead of our old horse.

John how functional is the WIP right now? Can I use it for real work? Should my V5 plugins work?

Just stay away from the +63 core systems for the time being!! :grin:


No. Which ones do you rely on?

Orca, Maxwell

Those will have to wait with porting to RH6 until the SDK is frozen. They are getting closer to that point.
Also see:

I don’t understand why only certain dialogs are causing the UI glitch. Like I can new, print, but save as, open cause the problem.

Is this because rhino is calling on an os-supplied dialog vs. something internal