A couple of very minor bugs

Hi there, a couple of minor bugs I’ve noticed recently:

  1. On my tiny work laptop (13"), the options dialogue box is too large for the screen, so you can’t see the ok button. I can press enter to accept changes, but feels a bit disconcerting. Strange thing is that the laptop’s resolution is 1920x1080 and yet the dialogue appears larger than on an external monitor with the same resolution.

  2. I was testing out applying materials to sub-surfaces and noticed the following in Rhino6. I created a box, sub-selected one face and changed the material. Then sub-selected another face and deleted it. All the remaining faces now revert to the original material. This seems to be fixed in the v7 WIP.


Try setting your Windows Text display scaling to 125% instead of 150% and it should fit. I think your current resolution and scaling is smaller than Rhino’s needed minimum screen size.

Yup. The fix was added to V7.


Thanks John,
yep changing to 125% shrinks it enough to fit on the screen. Is there a reason the vertical height can’t be reduced further? Seems like it would work fine with scroll bars?

Hi Steven -

Yes. That dialog box was designed with a hard-coded minimum height.
There’s an open wish-list item on the pile (RH-49485) to make it possible to reduce the height. I’ve added your request for that feature.

Thanks Wim!

RH-49485 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate

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