RHI installer on Mac OSX

I received a question on food for rhino about clipper:

Doesn’t work on mac, tried double clicking it and a pop up shows that rhino cannot open .rhi files. I’m running rhino 6

I’m distributing clipper as RHI file, and I don’t own any mac to test deployment on mac. I figured RHI files should work universally. Am I missing something or is something work with this user’s installation of rhino 6?

@arendvw Here is our guide on the macOS plugin installer (.macrhi): Rhino - Plugin Installers (Mac)

(On a Windows machine) I changed the extension to .zip, extracted the contents, renamed the folder to ClipperTools.rhp, then zipped that, then changed the extension to .macrhi, and then dragged that to the Rhino 6 for Mac icon, and I got this:

I then restarted Rhino and I get this:

Now I need to learn Clipper!


Thanks for the resources! I’ll include a release for mac in my workflow.

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@fraguada Sorry to bother you, if you have a moment, can you see if I’m doing anything wrong with the attached macrhi file? (I’m trying to acquire a mac machine for testing, but it seems neither free nor trivial to obtain one at the moment).
clipper-030.macrhi (97.9 KB)
I’ve followed the manual, but somehow when testing at a friend’s machine with the attached file I get the same message you show, except that after restarting neither the grasshopper components nor the rhino commands are working.

Can you see what I’m doing wrong?