Has anyone had problems installing a RHP (*.macrhi) file to Rhino OSX?

Working with a homemade RHP file that installs just fine on my Windows Rhino, I followed these instructions here to install it as a *.macrhi on my Mac Rhino, but had no luck – no errors, no installation, no nothing.

Without sharing the *.rhp or converted *.macrhi file upfront, are there any known issues that I should be aware of in regards to installing plugins with Rhino OSX?

Thanks forum.

Besides it being somewhat convoluted (we are working on that), it ought to work as advertised. If you would like to upload it directly to me (http://www.rhino3d.com/upload), I can take a look. Just add my email address (dan@mcneel.com) to the 2. Recipient address.


Thanks Dan – I just uploaded the *.rhp to you, which is the same file I then converted the *.macrhi from. Let me upload my *.macrhi as well while I’m at it. The plugin is still under development, but as I said, it does install and work on my Rhino Win, but not Rhino Mac.

Hi Jason-

Ok, I think I see what went wrong here with the macrhi packaging. I believe you did not add your .rhp to a folder of the same name. Here is what I did to get the plugin to install (not to work, more on that below)…

  1. Just to be overly cautious, I changed YourPlugin.rhp to plugin YourPlugin.dll …just to verify that this is a valid .NET assembly (as you know, it is).
  2. Created a new folder called YourPlugin (you will notice from the directions that it is in a folder) and placed YourPlugin.dll within that folder.
  3. Renamed the YourPlugin folder to YourPlugin.rhp (so now there is a folder containing the .dll assembly).
  4. Compressed YourPlugin.rhp (these sorts of folders are called packages in macOS).
  5. Renamed YourPlugin.rhp.zip to YourPlugin.macrhi.
    …and it installed.

However, this plugin is not compatible with Rhino for Mac, which is somewhat of a separate topic. I would encourage you to open YourPlugin.sln in Xamarin Studio on macOS and build from there. There could be many reasons that this plugin is not compatible and I appreciate it if you could try to build it on Mac before we start to diagnose those. There are likely areas where we could improve the process and it really helps to get real-world feedback.


Wow thanks Dan, this is very helpful. This is my first attempt at developing for Rhino, so I’m bound to have some issues as you have been so kind to assist with.

Somewhat changing topics – any idea when the Rhino Mac Plugin Manager will be implemented?

I’m glad that was helpful. We’d like to create cross-platform rhi in the future, but we’re not there quite yet.

Probably not before Rhino 6 for Mac.