How to install .rhi plugin?

Hello people.

I tried in several ways and I didn’t find any information that could help me. I want to install some .rhi plugin on rhinoceros V6 for mac, but it doesn’t work. I used the method that changes the extension to .macrhi, but it doesn’t work.

Does anyone know if .rhi is compatible with mac? I looked for this information and did not find it.

I want to use some plugins to create tables in rhino or import / insert excel or cvs files.


Generally, plug-ins for Rhino for Windows will not work in Rhino for Mac. The Rhino Installer Engine (RHI files) is an example of that.

To use those tools, you will need Rhino V6 for Windows.
Your V6 license allows you to use both Mac and Windows V6.

Thanks John. Good to know, this is even in my plans to switch to a PC

You don’t even have to switch. You can add the Windows machine for the plug-ins and only use it when you need them.
You can take turns between the two computers sharing the single license.
That’s what the Cloud Zoo floating license manager is for.