Revit Geometry (Walls) Wont attach to Rhino Geometry (Roof)

We are working on an organic roof structure within Rhino/grasshopper and we are using Rhino Inside to import Rhino geometry into Revit for documentation / presentation. The geometry gets imported into Revit (with the type category of Roof) but the function of attaching the walls to the roof is not happening in Revit.

Due to double curves and cutouts in the roof, the global geometry is built out of mesh. Hence, importing as a mass will not work for making a roof by face (each small face would make it impossible).

This is a live project with real deadlines, - so we need urgent help :slight_smile:

I have attached Baked Rhino Geometry to this topic. Below is a dropbox link to revit file if needed for walls

200807 Roof Only_For Community.3dm (1.7 MB)

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I forwarded your Revit 2109 file to someone more experienced in Revit than i, but for the geometry and what you are trying to do its not looking good. He may have some alternative solutions.

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Hi Rickson,

Many thanks for your prompt response. We are still in a preliminary design phase, so i can see this interpolobility of complex geometries as perpetual issue. An alternative, but clean solution is also good. I will also consider any consultancy based arrangement if needed to solve this issue.


I checked out your model. Although the roof geometry has been categorized correctly as a “Roof” in Revit, because the geometry is custom and has not been created by Revit, it does not adopt some of the charactaristics and behaviours of Native Roof object. Therefore you can not attach a Native Wall to a DirectShape roof. One alternative is to create a flat roof using the boundarya and then use the Revit API, to add internal points to the roof and raise them to the appropriate elevations.

Many thanks Ehsan, while our team has pretty high quality GH users…we do not know how to use Revit API unfortunately!

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No one really “knows” Revit API :laughing: You are doing great!


Hi Ehsan, are there any updates regarding the simple creation of Sloping roofs? I too have the same problem in that I need to attach the Top of certain walls to the roof. Also are there updates on when we can expect to have Direct shapes that act as the category it was created?

Thank you.

@attheeast18 So both points rely on Revit to implement new behaviour. Currently Revit does not allow interaction with DirectShape geometry (no attaching walls, and no special behaviour) since the underlying geometry has not been generated parameterically by Revit. This is not something we can change in a plugin.

Thank you so much for your response, Ehsan. So I guess we’re stuck with creating a mass and then using it for an element by face type of command? I read in the “Edit Wall Shape” topic a custom script and I was wondering whether you can give us a guide on how to extend it to Roofs maybe?

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@attheeast18 Take a look at the definition below. It’s collecting the walls, grabbing the center curve of the walls, project on the underside of the roof and thus generating a wall profile. It then creates walls based on those profiles and the type and level of the existing walls. Note that this is a crude example and is using a python component for the new wall creation, therefore the created elements are not bound to the GH definition and a bit of manual cleanup is necessary when re-running the GH solution. But it showcases a possible workflow.

Walls Attached To (4.2 MB)

Let me know if this works for you and we can add the “Wall By Profile” as a native component


Hi Ehsan, thank you so much for all your help. This is really amazing. If you could, please add the wall by profile component, that would help a lot because it makes the shapes into actual native parametric Revit walls that I could easily edit. Also it would then have the proper hatching without going to overrides. One caveat though is that I seem to have trouble using the wall by profile component for multiple profiles. This is my experience with the component you sent. I’ll tinker more to see what i possibly did wrong.

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