BrepBuilder - cannot assign edge geometry

I struggle with one geometry which I wanted to be a Void in my family. I tried rebuilding but without any luck.

Is there anything that can be done in situations like this? (besides completely new manual recreation of the geometry).

It works inside Revit anyway (void is cutting as expected), but it’s a red alert, so should I expect some problems later?

Family void geometry (98.5 KB)

RiR 1.2.7907

Ok, I see that reimporting geometry made like that from Revit back to Rhino produces ugly polysurface.
Also, Revit objects that are cut by this family are distorted too.

What is the scale of your Rhino document?

It looks like you are creating some bad geometry (small lines or faces that Revit can’t handle). Any reason you wouldn’t do the Solid Boolean in Rhino vs the Revit?

Do you mean units & tolerance? I’m working in centimeters and tolerance is set to 0.015953

I’m during making some roof geometry and due to the slight changes of many objects, I’m doing several solid operations in Grasshopper.

The reimport part of my post was only to show problems that a family like that (with error) produces. Because I can’t attach walls to the non-native Revit roof, I am using Family with Void to cut them. However, these cuts distort the geometry of the walls.

I think I might have the issue of solid operations in Rhino/Grasshopper where I do solid operations with geometries that have coincident faces and this produces problematic edges/faces.