Troubles with Rhino geometries in Revit


Lately, I struggle a lot with using Rhino geometry inside Revit. Many geometries that look completely valid inside Rhino sooner or later are making troubles in Revit. Even very simple ones.

Are there some rules one should follow when preparing geometry for Revit? Right now I am always uncertain whether geometry will work or not. How troubleshoot situations like this? I think it would be very helpful to have some in-depth video or help guide about how Rhino geometries might be interpreted by the Revit.

Rhino 7.11.21257
Revit 2022
RiR 1.3.7927

Wall by Mass Face 1

What seems to be pretty simple geometry in Rhino in Revit has more complex edges and the result is that I can’t make a Wall by Mass Face out of it

wall by (15.6 KB)
wall by face.rvt (5.3 MB)
wall by face.3dm (58.3 KB)

Edges in Rhino

Edges in Revit are shattered

Wall by Mass Face 2
This geometry was solely created to test Wall By Face and joining between roof and walls.
One-half of the geometry is producing expected results, the second half is not trimming the wall.

This seemed as a very clean input, wall by mass face is not trimmed correctly - made in grasshopper

Rebuilded surfaces works ok

Rhino to Revit and back
What seemed like a pretty good geometry, when brought back to Rhino shows some problems.

to rhino and back.3dm (2.2 MB)
to rhino and (43.7 KB)
Wall by face 2 & To Rhino and back.rvt (6.5 MB)

Geometry produced in Grasshopper, not showing any problems

Doesn’t look as a valid polysurface to me, nor it acts like a valid one


Revit’s surfacing isn’t built the same as Rhino geometry, its more graphically based in some cases vs Rhino’s mathematically figured. Bringing Rhino geometry into Revit and back again is not going to be the same, more of an interpretation of an interpretation in complex cases.

Damn you Revit, it’s not as straightforward as I wished it to be…

I found some valuable informations here (22:23):

Unfortunately, these Rhino/Revit geometry problems propagate onto simple, native Revit elements like walls cut by some RiR geometry. Everything looks fine until you bake them.
Thanks, Japhy, I guess I just need to pay extra attention to surfaces I’m using.