Retopologize mesh?

Is there a way to retopologize a mesh to get all similar sized polygons (get rid of high aspect ratio triangles etc.)? If not in rhino natively, perhaps there is an inexpensive plugin that can do it?


For triangles there is MeshMachine from Daniel Piker in 2 flavors.

For quad you can use Instant Meshes

Also Meshmixer, OpenFlipper, MeshLab …
There is also a Quad Remesher in Rhino WIP and surely also in Hidden command in Rhino 6.

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Thanks Laurent,

Do you happen to have a link to the quad remesher in rhino WIP? I’m definitely shooting for something that runs in rhino, preferably not with grasshopper. It could set models up as either quads or triangles.

Thanks again,

When it comes to mesh, Rhino alone is not the prefered option but it improves. Quad Mesher is still WIP, there are missing faces … So as Rhino import very well meshes I refer to use other tools.

I just tried MeshMachine. It was okay but the limitation of 0.5mm edges is too high for what I’m doing.

I’d like to try QuadMesh next but don’t have Rhino 6 yet. Any chance someone with Rhino 6 could kindly give it a try for me on the attached model? Would really appreciate it.

Sam (11.3 MB)

You could scale the mesh up, re-mesh it, then scale it back down.

Strongly suggest you take @laurent_delrieu ‘s advice and prioritize giving Instant Meshes a try. Highly effective at quad conversions.

Good point AndersDeleuran. I’ve tried that now with mesh machine but the results still come out kind of rough.

ec2638, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get Instant Meshes working, had to install Git then Cmake and now Cmake seems to be saying that I need to install Cmake binary to make Cmake… seems like a rabbit hole I’m plunging down… Wish there was a simple exe I could double click… or at least a 1, 2, 3 list of what to do.

Still hoping someone might try to QuadMesh the file I attached above.


I am sure there was an exe. No need of cmake
Click on read me.
Why nobody click ?

There’s also this recent work based on Instant Meshes, but achieving much better looking results with fewer singularities:


Found it Laurent, thanks. Read the readme but got confused by all the compiling stuff and overlooked the binary (didn’t realize executables are called binaries…, thought those were just 0’s and 1’s :slight_smile:
I’ve been able to get it to work for one obj file but others I’m getting cannot parse unsigned integers and for ply files I get the error does not contain vertices.

I’ll have a look at your link next Daniel.

All looks promising, thanks guys,

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When I am able to get a mesh into InstantMesh, the output mesh often has new holes in it.

The best meshes I’ve been getting so far are from zbrush. But I’m still hoping to find a way to do it directly in rhino. It sounds like QuadMesh is the best possibility for that. I’ve downloaded the rhino 6 trial but I see that doesn’t get me access to the WIP… If anyone with WIP could try to QuadMesh the model I attached earlier, would greatly appreciate it.


Hi Sam,

Check out our MESH module that runs inside both Rhino5.0 and Rhino6.0.

This module offers functions (among other things) to Reduce locally/globally the triangle count of meshes, Re-mesh locally/globally to create uniform triangles, Smooth meshes locally/globally to even out irregularities in data.

-edit- included the mesh:
remeshed.3dm (1.7 MB)

Here’s your mesh run through MeshMachine, with either uniform or adaptive edge lengths.

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That looks really good Daniel! Have you updated the plugin by chance to be able to do meshes (copy I have only seems to do breps) and the adaptive edge length setting, any performance improvements? (locks up my computer with relatively high poly counts).

Thanks, this looks like a possible solution for me,

Hello, I had some difficulties, I have problem with many soft with you mesh. I unify the mesh normals in rhino. Not sure it was useful. I used MeshMachineStatic.

I was obliged to put some points and lines around in order MeshMachine to work correctly. (13.9 KB)

Looks good Laurent, do you happen to know if there is an updated version of the Mesh Machine plugin that can do this?


I use this one,

it has some temper. Sometimes it works sometimes not, you will have to change itterations, fixed curves, fixed points … But as you first mesh has bad quality it is not easy for all remesher I tested.

you can try to use ameba’s trimesh. this component is according to instant meshes. it’s so fast and just needs two parameters

Nice result.
May I ask how to call the meshmachine static in ghPython?
I can only find ghcomp.MeshMachine.MeshMachine() but not the static version. (I have that one installed, and can use on the canvas.

The problem is the static meshmachine doesn’t take tree data, and I have multiple mesh to remesh at the same time – need to run a iteration of the static version.