Triangulated mesh to quad mesh algorithm


I need to convert a triangulated mesh to quad mesh. I saw several paper regarding this, but looks like quite time consuming to understand. So I came to forum, if some one become very kind and help me with some code.

Does any one of you make an algorithm for Rhino common, which will select triangulated mesh and give back a quad mesh?

Is it possible to get some source code?. If there would be a source code, would be a big help.

Best regards

(David Eränen) #2

Hi tsiddikee,

Is QuadrangulateMesh what you are looking for? It takes pairs of triangles and makes quads out of them if the angle between their normals is small enough.

Or are you looking for something more advanced? At McNeel we are currently working on a more advanced method which will completely remesh a surface and output a pure quad mesh. We should be ready to announce something soon.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to release the source code.



Hi David,
Thanks for the reply !
Yes I am looking for something more advance.I want to completely remesh a surface and output a pure quad mesh. When you will announce the tool ? If I get the tool, I do not need to develop it at all. I need the tool.
I know it is quite advance.So I understand why you cannot share the source code.

Please let me know if it is coming with Rhino next release or as a plugin ?
Or if some one to help me out with some pseudo code.

Best regards

(Wim Dekeyser) #4

It is planned to be available in Rhino 6. The development thereof is ongoing and a SDK will not be available until right around release - which is ‘at some point in the future’. This might therefore be not much of an option for you at this time.

I haven’t dug into this much myself ( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but it looks like there might be possibilities in the new release of Kangaroo for doing this. Or else perhaps by using the WeaverBird plugin? IDK


Hi all,

any updates on this?
I still can’t seem to find a solution for this in the Rhino6 SDK.

Thanks a lot!

(Dale Fugier) #6

Hi @timothytai,

The Rhino 6 SDK does not include a quad mesher. Any future development of an enhanced mesher will be found in the Rhino 7 WIP.

– Dale


Hi Dale,

Thanks for your response.
In the meantime, how realistic is it to implement something like “An Incremental Approach to Feature Aligned Quad Dominant Remeshing” in grasshopper?

Thanks again.

(Dale Fugier) #8

@DavidEranen, are you familiar with this paper?

(David Eränen) #9

Not this particular one. The paper describes a method which outputs quad-dominant, not pure quad meshes.

@timothytai If you can get access to Rhino WIP you will find the QuadMesh command. It will attempt to create quad meshes from your Breps. The command is not finished and in a state of flux at the moment so use at own risk. Quad mesh functionality is not available from the Rhino WIP SDK (yet).


Hi David,

Thanks for your response!
I tried the command out, but seems like it currently cannot turn triangle mesh to quad mesh while preserving density (Something like the Quad-Dominant filter in MeshLab)?

(David Eränen) #11

Hi @timothytai,

I don’t think the QuadMesh command works very well on mesh input at the moment. You might need to export to MeshLab to get what you want.


Hi David,

Thanks, I was just hoping to integrate something into grasshopper, so that I don’t have to go in and out of the program…