Retain control over tangency handles after History Enabled BlendSrf

Continuing a discussion we had previously on this forum;

I am blending between two surfaces with BlendSrf using the Add Shapes functionality. I would like to be able to retain these shapes after the Blend has been created, and then use these shapes to slightly modify the surface blend after creating it. So adjusting the retained shapes would adjust the surface blend in the same way as they would do during the actual BlendSrf command.

I know this is most likely not possible. But since I am using this blend in iterative design, it would be great to be able to slightly edit the blend instead of creating a new blend from scratch every single time.

The best way to achieve this that I can think of:

  • Use BlendSrf with Add Shapes to create initial surface blend.
  • Use the ExtractIsocurve command to extract the necessary shapes from this surface blend.
  • Reduce Isocurve control points to 6, hope that shape is maintained as much as possible.
  • Match back to surface, hope that shape is maintained as much as possible.
  • Use these isocurves and the surface edges to NetworkSrf with History Enabled on.
  • The isocurves can then be adjusted with DragMode set to ControlPoygon to adjust the blend while retaining continuity.

This is a terribly convoluted approach and I was hoping that someone could suggest a better method.

Does endBuldge help you out here?

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I’ll give that a shot and let you know how it works out.

Works like a charm. Can’t believe that I didn’t know this function existed.

Hi Luc - V6/WIP has editable BlendSrfs


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