Adjust BlendSrf Tangency handles after blending between surfaces

When using the BlendSrf command, you can add shapes to gain more control over the blend.
Unfortunately, you can only drag the points. When you need to make small changes from iteration to iteration this is not precise enough. I was wondering if there was a way to edit the points numerically, either while in BlendSrf or afterwards, while retaining G2 continuity throughout the BlendSrf.

If unclear, it can also be explained as follows. BlendSrf uses sliders to set the influence of each surface edge. However, it will only do so for the whole surface edge. Can such sliders also be used (Grasshopper maybe) to modify the added shapes in BlendSrf so that very exact control of the added shapes can be achieved?

I already built something in Grasshopper which lets me export the blended curves, but if I want to edit those control points I’m only able to move them in the XYZ plane, which won’t work if my durface edge isn’t planar. (22.5 KB)

Have you tried the command EndBulge after the BlendSrf is made? This command allows you to pick an area on the blend surface edge to adjust. You can also limit the area of influence between two points. Then for numeric control, while editing the handle control points type a number and press enter. This will limit the movement of the selected control point to the dimension entered while preserving the continuity.

If you want to replicate this type of control in GH specifically, I think it might be best as a separate post since the techniques will differ but I think you’d have to use the Network Surface component and reference curves created with BlendCrv.

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