Edit Blend Surface

In v7, when going back to edit a blend surface (using ‘edit’ in the options), the control points default back to their original state. So, any point editing I made in the creation of the blend is forgotten when going back into it.

Is their a fix for this behaviour?


Hi Sach, I see that, thanks. BlendCrv does do the right thing so I imagine it is possible.
RH-67831 BlendSrf: editing restores controls to defaults


Thanks @pascal

The other bug-bear I’m noticing is this:
When I create a blend surf with history, then use extend surface to lengthen or shorten the parent surfaces, one end updates but the other end fails and the blend becomes twisted…

Hi sach- I expect that one is harder - the thing attaches to paramerter locations and these are changed by extending
RH-53677 BlendSrf updates incorrectly

I’ll add your ‘vote’…


RH-53677 is fixed in the latest WIP