Blend Surface w/history - editing behaviour


I have an observation about editing a blend surface using the in-command edit option. The blend always returns to the default shape when you go back into it. I think it would be much more intuitive and useful

if it stays where you had it and you can update it from there, rather than it switching to the default position every time.

In my example image, the pink surfaces show the blend that I’ve made between the pair of surfaces. The grey (copied) version shows me going back into the blend (using edit) and it automatically pinging to the default.

Thank you

Blend.3dm (77.8 KB)

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Yep… I’ll nudge this one… thanks.
RH-67831 BlendSrf: editing restores controls to defaults


This bug has been fixed in the Wip 8?

If I move, rotate, or deform the surface (a), with Record History turned on, the blend surface flakes off at the discontinuity points.
blendsrf whit history incorrect.3dm (433.5 KB)