Wish: Add "Edit Blend surface" command

“Edit fillet edge” was a good addition to Rhino 6 (although somewhat limited), and it would be great if Rhino 7 has a similar command to edit already made blend surfaces as long as they were kept unaltered. Quite often I notice that a blend surface that I just built could have been a bit better, but using Undo would basically delete the resulting surface and I have to start from scratch building a replacement. Sometimes, that takes a lot of time, especially if I had multiple shapes added with the “Add shapes” option of “Blend surface”.

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EndBulge can be useful for adjusting blend surfaces after they have been created.

If the degree of continuity is to be increased and the blend surface needs to remain single span then use ChangeDegree to increase the degree of the blend surface before using BlendSrf. Otherwise BlendSrf will keep the degree of the blend surface the same but increase the number of spans.

In v6 or v7, you can use the Edit option. Then pick a surface previously made by BlendSrf with history on. The surfaces eligible for BlendSrf editing will be highlighted light green. That will put you back in the BlendSrf adjusting mode.BSE

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Wow, thanks for the suggestion! It does exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile:

I didn’t knew that such an important command was “hidden” all the time as an option. Maybe because it is visible only upon running a command to create new geometry, i.e. the “Blend surface” command. Typing “Edit” in the Command line will not return a suggestion for editing an existing blend surface.

I added the following as a right-click command: “! _BlendSrf _Edit”
I wish it was there by default, in order to notice it several years ago and save so much time into replacing existing blend surfaces that I wanted to improve… I wonder how many Rhino users didn’t knew about it. :smiley: I also added a new alias “EditBlendSurface”. Also needs to be in Rhino by default.

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Yes, I know that and used it extensively during the years with its region selection allowing just a portion of the surface control points to be edited, but my question was about returning the basic state of the existing “Blend surface” that allows for a quick editing of the original profiles used to define the general shape of the surface. Anyway, I just found the solution I was looking for. Thanks for the input! :slight_smile: