Restricted Clipping Planes

Hi there,

I’m working with a large sloping site; and have ground storey contents at multiple elevations.

Currently, I move the clipping planes to relevant elevations, capture part of the image with make2d, and compile it together.

Is there a way to have multiple clipping planes which can be limited in their size, so that this type of thing can be done in one go? Or is that not how these components work?


The following commands may be useful for this purpose: Contour, Section, Intersect.

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Hi Andrew, thanks for your help.

I definitely use Section for its closed curves as opposed to the Make2d’s clipping plane intersections.

I’ve illustrated the issue in the images.

With 1 clipping plane, you can see how not only ground contents are seen

If I had two local clipping planes which can be set at different heights with restricted bounds, then I can see only the ground contents in one go (image photoshopped)


This feature have been requested multiple times now but it hasn’t been implemented. You can add your vote here:


Clipping plane by object has been added to the wish list here:
But I think your solution of having limits set to clipping planes is a more elegant one and does not required creating another object.


Thanks Tomas for pointing out the previous requests.

I think that either clipping box or bounded planes would likely be useful to quite a few.
Added a vote to the Box one.


I think this additional capability would make clipping planes useful for a lot of people who don’t use them at all in the current version because they lack it.

Got that, thanks.

RH-64439 ClippingPlane: Restrict the effect