Feature Request: Clipping Plane with Depth and Extents Control

Hey Team,
I’d like to suggest a new feature for clipping planes in Rhino.
Right now, we have no control over clipping planes in terms of how far they are clipping the views. Their behavior right now is like an infinite plane cut. That’s all fine, but I would really like to see an option where we can control if we want the clipping plane to be an infinite cut, or we have a manual control (maybe with control points) of where we want the clipping plane to stop. This is partuclarly useful in architecture industry for example, when you want to show a base plan of an apartment, but you don’t want to cut all the walls, but just certain areas.

The ideal situation would be if we could use a geometry / like a closed polysurface box that can be “converted” to a clipping object that has the same behavior as clipping planes but within the given borders.

I’m aware of the plugins Dynamic Display and Section Box, but I think that this would definitely be a great feature in the future release of Rhino 7.

For example, this option already exists within Vray Next for Rhino (attached), but doesn’t work with native Rhino tools.


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A highly needed feature. +1 from me. Even if it is not based on another object. It would be a huge step forward if we can make steps in the cutting plane and control its extents.

+1 for me, a feature like this would be super handy.

+1x10 for me. Don’t forget to add the ability to exclude objects from clipping. and it all needs to work with Make2D :wink:


This feature would be fantastic.
It needs to work on pointclouds as well as standard Rhino objects.

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